Yahoo gots positive approch in the PRISM case

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Yahoo gots positive approch in the PRISM case

  • 2013-07-16 21:32:12
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News / Internet Yahoo gots positive approch in the PRISM case
After a long lasted legal war, on last day Yahoo has won a motion from a secretive court that allows them publicly reveal its efforts to avoid becoming part of PRISM ,the National Security Agency4's controversial data collection program. The U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court ruled Monday that the Justice Department must unseal documents from a classified 2008 case that Yahoo has said will demonstrate the Internet company "objected strenuously" to providing the government with customer data.

One of the representative told that, \"The Government shall conduct a declassification review of this Court\'s Memorandum Opinion of [Yahoo\'s case] and the legal briefs submitted by the parties to this Court,\" the ruling read. \"After such review, the Court anticipates publishing that Memorandum Opinion in a form that redacts any properly classified information.\"

The ruling, first noted by the Daily Dot, gives the Justice Department two weeks to provide estimates on how long it expects the review process to take. A Yahoo spokesperson said the company was \"very pleased\" with the court\'s decision. \"Once those documents are made public, we believe they will contribute constructively to the ongoing public discussion around online privacy,\" he added
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