Yahoo Buys Inbox Management Service Xobni

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Yahoo Buys Inbox Management Service Xobni

  • 2013-07-08 20:05:28
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News / Internet Yahoo Buys Inbox Management Service Xobni
Xobni did not elaborate on how it will integrate with Yahoo, except to say that Yahoo "want[s] us to use our platform to make many Yahoo services better for you." The Xobni team is currently moving from San Francisco to Yahoo's Sunnyvale headquarters.

"Did you ever meet someone who truly gets you? That's how we feel about Yahoo," Xobni said , "The power within every Xobni product is that it responds to how you communicate. Every day you demonstrate who and what is important to you. That can benefit not just your inbox or smartphone, but the many services you use. Yahoo gets that." According to latest reports the deal is worth about $30 million.

Xobni has a lengthy FAQ on its site that you can check out to see if and when your favorite Xobni product will get the boot. Xobni for Outlook debuted in 2008, which promised to speed up the search process within Microsoft's email service.

A premium version of Xobni was introduced in 2009, and it expanded to Gmail, Android, and iPhone - as well as app stores - by 2011.
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