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  • 2012-07-25 01:48:17
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News / computers Laptops WINDOWS 8 READY TO RELEASE ..
Now it become an end to the expectations and guessing .. Windows 8 will be released on October 26, 2012.. The company had announced about the availability for the new operating system ,i October itself but did not give a specific date until today.

The release date fixed to new Windows 8 PCs and to upgrades, which will cost $40 ( about 2300 Rs) through January 31 for users running Windows XP or later. No specific launch day hardware was mentioned, but Microsoft's Surface Windows RT tablet should be available around that time.

Microsoft still hasn't announced non-upgrade Windows 8 pricing for users who build their own PCs or want to run the OS on Mac hardware. There's been some chatter that Microsoft will sell a "System Builder" or OEM version of the OS, but not a standalone full retail version.

Windows 8 , which includes a new Start screen optimized for touch screens and a set of application s for tablet-friendly "Metro-style" programs. Windows 8 won’t be officially released until October 26, the Metro user interface and Microsoft's decision to remove the Start menu have already received lots of criticism and rumours also . Some of them says that It'll reduce the productivity in office surroundings

Windows 8 has new special features and improvements to be considered. For instance if you are a a business user, owner, or IT administrator—might find useful. There’s something for everyone with improvements towards the security, networking, virtualization, recovery, options
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