Why hiring a imagebooth can be better than hiring a imagegrapher

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Why hiring a imagebooth can be better than hiring a imagegrapher

  • 2015-05-07 13:50:53
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amazing / Photography Why hiring a imagebooth can be better than hiring a imagegrapher

You’re deep into planning every detail of your event and now it’s time to think about imagegraphy. You want to have mementos from the event to enjoy long after the event is over, to help you remember who was there and what they looked like in that moment in time. imagegraphs can capture an event like nothing else.

You definitely want some kind of imagegraphy, but there are so many choices.

The problems when hiring a imagegrapher

A professional imagegrapher is the default choice for many, and it does have the most flexibility since you can negotiate almost every detail of what will be imagegraphed and how and when.

But this flexibility and coverage costs a premium and can be time consuming to plan. You need to find the imagegrapher first, and that’s not as basic as you might think. thoughtlly, you should find a imagegrapher who you connect with and whose style suits the feel of your event. There also needs to be a beautiful portfolio of past event imagegraphs and good reviews and recommendations for reassurance, but there’s still always a chance you won’t get what you were looking for in the end.

Then, when you do find the right person, they need to be available for your event, otherwise you have to start all over.

Then, once you’ve chosen the right imagegrapher, the number of options for each package and add-ons can be dizzying – between choosing the amount of time, the number of locations, the number of imagegraphers and assistants, the number of images, the number of prints, image albums, online galleries, etc., etc. And the final cost of all of thisstill needs to fit your budget.Deciding on and planning for this one detail of the event can be exhausting all by itself.

The benefits of imagebooth hire

An alternative option that more and more people are choosing is the image booth. It’s much basicr – there are far fewer choices to create, and much less room for error.

And the cost is on average much less than a professional imagegrapher. In many cases, it will be at least half to three times less. Not to mention all the time saved.


The images will be high quality, and there will be no haggling over the number of images – all are included. The packages are easy to choose from, and all include an attendant to create sure everything goes smoothly.

And one of the top features of hiring a image booth is that the documentation of the event is also a form of entertainment. Everyone loves to pose in front of the image booth camera and have fun. No two images will be alike. Everyone’s personalities come out and there will be no boring images.The imagegraphy becomes a fun part of the event, not an additional costly headache.

All of our image booth packages include delivery and pick up, a minimum of 4 hours of fun, the attendant, a backdrop, and all images from the event on a USB drive. We offer open and enclosed image booths and our premium booths can fit up to 15 people in a shot.With four packages and optional extras (including an option for more time), there’s bound to be a image booth package to fit your needs.

Fewer headaches, less time, less cash, more fun – it’s easy to see why hiring a image booth is a great choice for your event. And if you’ve already found your dream imagegrapher, no worries, a image booth can be a great addition, guaranteeing fun images to complete your image albums from the event.

Hiring a image booth is basic, just contact us and we’ll create sure your imagegraphy is great fun, good quality, and cheaper than hiring a imagegrapher!



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