What can you do with an old pc?

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What can you do with an old pc?

  • 2012-04-01 14:57:44
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TipsTricks / computers Laptops What can you do with an old pc?
When you buy new gadgets, you tend to dispose off your old PCs. But did you know that there are various old PC uses. Your old computers are really useful. There are various tips for working with outdated Mac computers. Thus technology has varied uses.

We provide you a set of tips with which you can still make your old machine work.

1) Donate your old PC/PCs to a school: You can do this if you are on the generous side. Donating computers to schools especially to schools where underprivileged children study would be of great help.

2) Turn it into a home server: You can use your old machine as a local home server. This would be a boon at places where multiple users share a single PC. You can also convert old desktop computers to a Network Attached Storage as well. You can also install an operating system such as Windows Home Server for effective server use.

3) Experiment with it: Put all your ideas into action on your old PC. Use it as a workshop. If your ideas work well on your old PC, then implement them on your new gadget. Thus convert your old PC into your digital workshop

4) Use it as a game server: You can test all your favourite games on your old computer. You can also make various modifications to exclusively test games.

5) Hand over to a relative: Let your relatives also learn effective computing. When you donate your old computer after due experimentation, your relatives can become experts in computers as well. So thus, you help in spreading computer literacy.
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