Weekly Roundup: 19 new and noteworthy tweaks

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Weekly Roundup: 19 new and noteworthy tweaks

  • 2015-02-13 13:01:19
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News / Mobile phones Weekly Roundup: 19 new and noteworthy tweaks

In case you were busy last week and didn’t get a chance to take a look at Cydia, don’t worry as we have compiled a list of all the new tweaks that were released in the week which are worth to look at. The tweaks range from customizing the look of your Home screen to making it easier to browse the web from anywhere in iOS.

BannerBuddy (Free): Allows notification banners to be lowered with Reachability.

BetterDelete (Free): When deleting an app from your iPhone, it displays additional information about it such as the app size, version and the Bundle ID.

Bigify+ ($2.00): Applies various different visual effects to the app icons.

Call Enhancer+ ($0.99): Displays a confirmation message whenever you try to call a contact on your iPhone ensuring that you don’t do it by accident. Additionally, it also hides the phone number of the contact when calling.

CopyCurrentPlaying (Free): Copy the name of the currently playing song via an Activator gesture.

Download Enable for Protube (Free): Download YouTube videos from Protube 2 tweak and save them in Camera Roll.

MagicColors (Free): Customize the color of the Lock screen and the Home screen on your iPhone.

NCBrowser 8 ($2.99)Adds a web browser to the Notification Center.

NCIfNeeded (Free): When launching Notification Center, it will display the Notifications view only if there are any pending notifications, otherwise it goes directly to the Today view.

NoAppStoreRedirect (Free): Prevents Cydia from redirecting you to the App Store.

Pasithea ($1.99): Keeps a history of all the texts copied to clipboard.

SimpleCCMedia (Free): Keeps your Control Center simple by displaying song and album name only when a music is playing.

ShowSongMetadata (Free): Shows the metadata of each song in the Music app such as the release data, play count, song and artist name and more.

Switcher Navigation Actions (Free): Switch to the next or the previous app via Activator actions.

Tintch (Free): Customize the look of the On and Off toggles.

Tweet2Safari (Free): Redirects you to Safari if you tap on a link in Tweetbot.

Uniformity2 (Free): Customize the appearance of the Control Center.

UninstallNever (Free): Prevents apps from getting deleted from your iPhone.

WidgetWeather2 (Free)Adds a weather widget to the Lock screen displaying weather information of your current location.

If I have missed out a tweak that you liked then feel free to drop in a line in the comments below.

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