View How Our Body Reacts To The Emotions

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View How Our Body Reacts To The Emotions

  • 2016-01-20 06:24:38
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Hey friends i m sure that you didi know that our full body reacts different on different emotions.

Scientists knew that the usual feelings can cause certain sensations in the body – regardless of whether it comes “butterflies” in the stomach (anxiety) or hot cheeks (embarrassment).
And now there is a new study and impressive research the that proves that all manifest identical sensations in the body that are directly related to our feelings, regardless of culture or language – because the connection between mind and body is a biological and linked with our instinct for survival.
Researchers in Finland have compiled the first authoritative atlas of “body maps” that detail where we feel emotions.

We can now clearly see that happiness actually creates us feel tingly all over, that sadness is felt in the heart, and that depression is characterized by an all-over numbness.

It would seem that idioms such as a chest puffed with pride, or cold feet, are very much seated in physiological reality.


See How Our Body Reacts To The Emotions
For the research 700 participants were shown a variety of emotional words, stories, videos, and images. They were then asked to paint two human silhouettes on a computer; one to show where they felt increased sensation, and the other for decreased sensation. The researchers then compiled all of the maps, being careful to mitigate the effect of sensation-specific phrases (cold feet, heartbroken, hot-headed, a shiver down your spine), and to remove any “anomalous painting behavior” (doodles, symbols, etc.)


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