Uninor Achieves Breaks-Even in Five Telecom Circles

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Uninor Achieves Breaks-Even in Five Telecom Circles

  • 2013-09-19 21:01:58
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News / Telecom Uninor Achieves Breaks-Even in Five Telecom Circles

Uninor, the Indian arm of Norway’s telecom major Telenor on sep 19th has announced that it has  accomplished operating breakeven in more than two   telecom zones – Uttar Pradesh (West) and Bihar and Jharkhand and now the companys breaks-even in five out of its six operating circles in India.Uninor is also commence on a major development in business . 

Our wish is to  enhance  and grow both deeper and wider in each of our six circles  spreading it into rural markets where affordability is key factor for sustain as said by the  chief executive officer Yogesh Malik .In Uttar Pradesh East, the company has launched a concept of micro-distributors that is - one-person business serving as distributor, and also retail executive and activation officer combined, Malik added.Malik has  said Uninor has achieved its financial break-even in the two circles of Uttar Pradesh West and Bihar, including Jharkhand. 

With  effect from this five of its six circles which  have achieved break-even,  said byMalik . Uninor had to shutdown its mobile service operations in India after its operating permits in 13 telecom zones were suppressed by the Supreme Court order. In November 2012 the company had secured fresh licences for six telecom circles which includes Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh East, Uttar Pradesh West, Bihar, Gujarat and Maharashtra, in the short while ago  closed auction of 1800 MHz spectrum.

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