twenty-one Simple And innovative DIY Jewelry Projects

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twenty-one Simple And innovative DIY Jewelry Projects

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amazing / Diy Crafts twenty-one Simple And innovative DIY Jewelry Projects
Wear something with a story behind it.

1 | Painted Crystals

Pick your favorite nail polish colors to give your crystal jewelry a modern upgrade that creates a statement. You so fancy.

2 | Wire Bow Ring

Never forget how fashionable you are with this adorable bow ring. You’ll need a pair of jewelry pliers (to bend and cut the wire) and about 6” of artistic wire (18 gauge). And if the edges are sharp, just file them down to dull the ends.

3 | DIY Thread Wrap Necklace

Sculpt your own cute design with wire and then wrap in your favorite color of thread. 

4 | Tribal Necklace

This gorgeous necklace is super basic. All you need is about 16 feet of cord, some embroidery floss, 2 jump rings, 1 clasp and 15mm wide clamp rings.

5 | Balenciaga Inspired Rings

You can find a ton of inspiration at the hardware store. Give these Balenciaga inspired rings a try with some copper wire and a couple of pipe fittings.

6 | Recycled Tights Necklace

Twist the legs of some colored tights into ropes and stitch straps at the end for ties.
Easy peasy.

7 | Gold Dipped Leather Feather Earrings

All you need is some leather (or faux leather), gold spray paint, scissors, painters tape, earring hooks and rings to get this bold bohemian look.

8 | Shrinky Dink Diamonds

Shrinky Dinks aren’t just for kids. Print out the jewels (or any shape actually) that your want, bake and … Hello gorgeous.

9 | Rock Crystal Earrings

Take your hoop earrings to a whole new level by adding raw crystals. 

10 | Hardware Store Bracelet

Easy to create a super to stack. With some rope, embroidery floss, and a couple of brass compression sleeves (from the hardware store) you’ll have the cutest set of arm candy this side of house Depot.

11 | Coin Cufflinks

Create a unique gift for a special guy using old coins, cuff link bases, and some strong craft glue (E6000 does the job great).

12 | Scrabble Tile Pendant

Scrabble tiles are the perfect pendant size to show off your unique style. Scrapbook paper, washi paper, even images are easy to adhere to the wood. Then simply seal the image and sides with a thin layer of Mod Podge. Add a glaze to really create it shine.

13 | Jumbo Heart Bobbi Pin

Give the heart shaped plastic bead a new look with gold paint (both sides). Place a strip of felt between the bobby pin at the top and glue to the back of the heart. Easy and cute!

14 | Woven Wrap Bracelet

Can you braid? Then you’ll love this easy wrap bracelet. Grab hemp or cotton twine, a center piece item (look in the jewelry findings section of the craft store) to anchor the twine, and some jewelry caps.

15 | Faceted Metallic Stacking Rings

Love – love – love these rings and they’re so easy to create. Shape, sculpt and carve the design you want out of modeling clay (like Fimo Classic). Bake and then paint your rings with liquid gilding. Each ring will be as unique as you are.

16 | Woven Chain Collar

Weaving together curb chains and a strand of knockout rhinestones with embroidery floss creates this a necklace to DIY for.

17 | Concrete Love Hearts

You’ve got a heart of stone. No, really. It’s concrete and another super basic jewelry DIY.

18 | DIY Nut Rings

These rings really standout. And you’d never guess how inexpensive they really are. You’ll need a brass nuts, polymer clay, clear nail polish, hot glue and a flat ring base.

19 | DIY Morse Code Necklace / Bracelet


Secret codes are so much fun. You can write out names or messages using silk cord, round beads (dots), tube beads (dashes) and knots (separating each letter).
My name is _._. / ._ / ._. / _ _ _ / ._.. / .. / _. / .
Longer names like mine are more suited for necklaces and shorter names and words work great for bracelets. 

20 | Vintage Button Earrings

Turn a pair of vintage buttons into one of a kind earrings. Simply clip off the shank on the back and apply earring bases with strong craft glue (such as E6000).


21 | Dipped Chain Jewelry

Once you’ve used Plasti Dip – I’m convinced you’ll be hooked. Take a chunky chain necklace, dip into tinted Plasti Dip, let dry and BAM! Statement jewelry with a colourful punch.

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