Top 5 Fireenjoylace Fabricate thoughts

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Top 5 Fireenjoylace Fabricate thoughts

  • 2016-01-20 06:37:02
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amazing / Home Interior Top 5 Fireenjoylace Fabricate thoughts

There are a lot of fireplace design thoughts available for you to choose from today. While stone firelocations are the most popular choice, it’s important to take a look at the various options you have available. Only then can you be sure you’ve chosen what’s top for your house and family.

Electric Firelocations

Electric firelocations typically only imitate the look of a fireplace. Here red or orange lights are found within the logs’ surface, giving them a warm glow. In this way, these firelocations are a unique combination of modern comfort and traditional comfort. They’re not only easy to install, but they’re also a great alternative to traditional heating sources so even if you live in an apartment you can enjoy a fireplace.

Top 5 Fireplace Design thoughts

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Gas fireplace inserts are a nice way to create the ambiance of a real, log burning fire, but really they’re a basic switch to turn on and off depending on when you want the fireplace on. Once you’ve flipped the switch, heated, purified air is spread into your room by a small blower. This is quite cost effective because you don’t need any accessories.

Top 5 Fireplace Design thoughtssource

Vent Free, Ethanol Burning Firelocations

Vent free, ethanol burning firelocations are growing in popularity today. They have minimalistic looks, a “clean” burn (they don’t produce any smoke or ashes), and you can easily move them throughout since there’s no utility hookup. Another great benefit is these firelocations don’t have a chimney so the heat stays in your house. There are many different configurations available too.

Radiant Firelocations

You can use radiant firelocations as your primary source of heat as long as it’s centrally located within your house. The nice thing about this is you only need to burn a load of wood once a day. After three or four hours it burns out, but your house will stay warm for between 12 and 24 hours. This fireplace is sometimes tied into a radiant HVAC system (e.g. radiant floors) to preheat the water that’s used in keeping your house warm. While this is a nice way to heat your house, you won’t enjoy viewing a large fire. Sometimes you can enjoy cooking a pizza or some other wood fired recipe in there though.

Open Wood Burners With Stone Surround

Now for the most popular type of fireplace, the open wood burners with stone surround. There are actually several different types of designs available in this “category.” They include masonry firelocations, which are made of stone and have a chimney, as well as manufactured firelocations with sheet metal fire boxes. Both are fueled with wood so they work top for heating small areas. They’re also air tight so they can burn for a long time without your attention. However, since they burn slowly they do easily become coated with creosote, but with a stone surround in place you won’t even notice this.

Top 5 Fireplace Design thoughtssource

You can find a lot of ways in which stone from Manorhouse Stone will look nice with your wood fireplace regardless as to whether you have a traditional or modern style house. For instance, faux stacked limestone is affordable and yet it looks and feels like real stone. Another option is a black fireplace with a stone surround, which will give your fireplace a upscale look and feel. Both of these will create your fireplace the most beautiful part of any room and yet there are also many other stone options available as well.

Regardless of what type of fireplace you want to have in your house, it’s sure to look beautiful while keeping you warm. Hopefully these thoughts have helped you choose what’s top for your house though.

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