Top 15 Ultimate Free File Hosting Services or Sites

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Top 15 Ultimate Free File Hosting Services or Sites

  • 2014-02-09 23:18:24
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TipsTricks / computers Laptops Top 15 Ultimate Free File Hosting Services or Sites

There was a time when we store all our files on our PC. A few years ago there was no concept of cloud computing or was an unaffordable option. At that time we are responsible for managing securing and archiving all the data stored on our PC. The security of the files stored on local hard disk driver was very low. Due to hardware failure or viruses or other kind of malwares, we occasionally loose files, photos and other important documents.

Here are the top 15  free file hosting sites, it is important to know why hosting files on remote server can be a better option. These sites are easier, faster and safer.

1. Google Drive: Google Drive is one of the most popular file hosting site. It offers 15GB of free online hosting for files documents and images. With Google Drive we can easily backup and sync our data. File sharing is also easy with Google Drive. For business users Google offers premium file hosting service.

The maximum file-size of an uploaded file could be 10GB. So, we can easily store and share ISO images of operating system or HD videos flawlessly.

2. Windows SkyDrive: SkyDrive offers free 7GB file hosting and have a lot of features. However, Sometimes I feel slow upload with SkyDrive. This is a free service and at sometimes come up with 25GB of free file hosting.

The paid upgrades of Windows SkyDrive is really competitive and 20GB is available at just $10 a year (and $50/year for 100GB).

3. Dropbox: Dropbox is one of the best File hosting site which offers free. I loved the sync software and web interface. The free account comes with 2GB storage. If you wish to get some extra storage you may invite your friends to join Dropbox and get up to 18 GB Storage. If you are a student you may get up to 16 GB additional free storage. The only thing you need is an email address with .edu domain.

The paid Storage at Dropbox comes with $99/year for 100 GB file storage.

4. BOX: Box was earlier known as It is one of the oldest player in this segment and  offers 5GB initially for free storage hosting which is good enough. has 250 MB file size limit. it has now more than 5 million users.

At different point of time, they comes with exclusive offers and provide extra free storage (up to 50GB for life). I loved their document sharing feature.

Their upgrades are a little bit costlier than above sites. But, yes they are worthy if you need their extra features which comes with the upgrades.

5. Ubuntu One: Ubuntu One is not only a free file hosting solution for Ubuntu OS user but also available for any web user. Surprising I found Ubuntu One sync speed better than Microsoft’s SkyDrive. Unlike Microsoft and Apple their file sync clients works on Windows or Linux based PC, iOS, Android and Mac.

The free quota for Ubuntu One is 5 GB, which can be increased by promoting the service among friends or purchasing additional storage. A 20GB plan comes at the cost of $30/year cost.

6. Apple iCloud: This is an apple product and available for Apple iOS, Mac or Microsoft Windows. Sadly iCloud do not support any Linux flavours (but who cares). This is an exclusive product for Apple users.

Apple provides free 5GB data storage for its users. Additional 10GB can be purchased at $20/year.

Apart from these standard file hosting services or sites. There are many other file hosting sites which have some special restrictions. Let’s take a look:

7. Amazon cloud drive: Amazon cloud drive is a free service if you choose to store up to 5GB data. If you need more storage then you have to pay $10 for 20GB, $25 for 50GB and so on.

Free file Hosting sites designed for file sharing:

8. SendSpace: SendSpace is a free service and do not require sign up for uploading or downloading files.  They provide both free and premium users. For Free users the file size limit is 300 MB per file and 10GB for premium users. They delete inactive (not downloaded) files in 30 days.

9. WikiSend: WikiSend is a simple and free solution for sharing files up to 100 MB. You do not need to create an account with WIkiSend. By default the file will be shared for 7 days which can be increased up to maximum 90 days.

10. MediaFire: MediaFire is one of the most famous site for sharing files with the world. This site is designed for file sharing. Simply upload a file and share with anyone across the globe. The free account comes with 10GB storage which can be increased up to 50GB free.

11. This site is a new version of MegaUpload. MegaUpload was seized by U.S. Govt last year for violating copyrights law. The new Mega is hosted in New Zealand and has slogan “The Privacy Company”. Mega stores all your data in encrypted.

12. 4Shared: If you are looking for an anonymous file sharing then 4Shared will be a good option for you. You can host 15 GB for free here and an individual file can be up to 2048MB. You should keep in mind that the inactivity period of 4Shared is 180 days. It means if a user do not logged in to their account for a consecutive 180 days, the account and the uploaded files will be deleted.

13. RapidShare: rapidshare is one of the oldest file sharing site. It is also one of the hub for sharing copyrighted and pirated software and files. You can host up to 5GB of data for free on RapidShare. You can easily share file and folders with rapidshare.

14. DepositFiles: You can upload a file of 10GB at DepositFiles. Apart from this max-size limit, we can upload via FTP and remote uploading.

15. aDrive offers free 50GB disk space for free storage. It is also  a good free file hosting.

I guess this post has covered almost all type of free file hosting services; which can be beneficial us. If I missed any please send the link via comments below.

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