The 'Pure GNOME' Ubuntu Is Coming

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The 'Pure GNOME' Ubuntu Is Coming

  • 2012-08-31 14:54:49
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News / Internet The 'Pure GNOME' Ubuntu Is Coming
This month 'll bring a surprising and amazing news to the fans of GNOME , that a version of Ubuntu Linux featuring the classic desktop was in the works. The preliminary plans for that new Ubuntu are begined , and that we can expect ithe arrival of New Ubundu will be on the coming October.

Here are some details regarding the New Ubundu. the first one is the name and according to the reports , While initially it sounded like GNOMEbuntu would be the name of this new Linux flavor .Along with Compiz, the new GNOME Ubuntu will reportedly use the Rhythmbox music player along with the the updated Epiphany browser, Evolution e-mail and other workgroup functions, and also with the the Gnumeric spreadsheet package also with the Abiword word processor,.

But Firefox or LibreOffice may nt be pre-installed. According to the reports from various sources, The GNOME Goodness as part of its goal of offer a complete GNOME experience, this new Ubuntu will not include the mobile-inspired and controversial Unity desktop interface.

and finally According to the Muktware report, it also doesn’t include cloud service Ubuntu 1 the name of this new Ubuntu flavour, a number of other features are reportedly still under discussion as well, including both the file manager and the display manager that will be used. we can expect that an ALPHA version of gnome'll be arrived soon.
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