The Best iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks [January 26 – February 1]

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The Best iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks [January 26 – February 1]

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News / Mobile phones The Best iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks [January 26 – February 1]

There were quite a few tweaks that came out this week on Cydia, but I figured I’d narrow it down to the top 5 for this week. So if you haven’t heard of AppButton, Anchor, OnTapMusic, AcamarUI, or Harbor, then you might want to stick around to find out a bit more about these tweaks. Let’s check them out!

AppButton – $1.49

This is a really awesome tweak that will allow you to quickly switch between apps that are running in the background. All you have to do after setting it up is just slide your finder on the button to reveal all the running apps that you can switch it. It works very fluidly and feels like a seamless addition to iOS 8.

Anchor – $1.99


If you were a fan of GridLock, then you’re going to like Anchor. Anchor is the replacement for Gridlock, since it hasn’t been update for iOS 8. If you’re not familiar, Anchor will allow you to move icons from anywhere on the springboard and it will keep the space from which you moved an icon blank, rather than the icons sliding over to fill in the empty space. This is pretty handy tweak in some situations.

OnTapMusic – Free


This is a free tweak that’s in beta and it will allow you to invoke Reachability to show you the currently playing album, song, and artist. It looks really nice and gives you the ability to swipe the artwork to the right or the left to go to the previous or next song. Again, this is a beta so you could run into some bugs, but that is to be expected.

AcamarUI – $1.99


If you weren’t a fan of the first couple Apple Watch UI tweaks, maybe AcamarUI will do the trick. It’s pretty similar to it’s predecessors, with just a little bit of a different look. A cool feature that it’s added is the ability to sort all your icons by color, which makes finding apps a bit easier, not to mention, it looks pretty cool.

Harbor – $2.99


This is a really cool tweak with a lot of different configurations. Harbor brings the OS X Yosemite dock right to your iPhone. You can add as many icons to your dock as you want and when you swipe across the dock, you get that wave animation native to OS X. You can also allow the icons to bounce just like on your Mac.

If you want a deeper look into any of these tweaks, be sure to check out the video:

Let us know what you think about these tweaks in the comments below!

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