The Best iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks [January 12 – January 18]

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The Best iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks [January 12 – January 18]

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News / Mobile phones The Best iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks [January 12 – January 18]

This week we had quite a few tweaks come out and within those tweaks, we had a lot of free tweaks. So, for this week I went ahead and compiled 10 free tweaks that you can grab in Cydia right now. Let’s jump in and take a look at these new tweaks!

Date in StatusBar – Free

There’s not much to explain about this tweak. The functionality is right there in the name. This tweak will put the date right int he status bar, which makes it easy to check the date while you’re inside an app, or anywhere on your device.

OopsLock – Free

This tweak gives you a grace period after you lock your device to unlock it again without having to pass credentials. Just enable it in the settings, then you can set how long you want your device to be “listening”, which can be up to 10 seconds. So if you lock your device on accident, just press the home button once to get right back into your phone.

CacheClearer – Free

This tweak requires you to add the Ryan Petrich beta repo: Once you’ve added the repo, you can go ahead and download this tweak. It allows you to delete the cache from specific apps. So if you’re low on space or you want to just keep your cache clear from a pesky app that holds a lot of cache, then pick this tweak up and start clearin’. Access this tweak by going to Settings> General>Usage>Manage Storage.


Spotlight Google – Free

This is a spotlight tweak that makes searching google from your spotlight a lot easier. Just type “g” before your search query in the spotlight and once you hit search, it will open Safari with that google search. This makes it a little easier than typing in your query and scrolling down to the bottom and tapping to search the web.

Tweet Analytics – Free

This is a really cool tweak and one that I would’ve paid for if it was a paid tweak. It allows you to check out your twitter analytics for each tweet you have right within the official Twitter app. After installed, just tap on a tweet and then tap on the new “View Tweet Activity” to get a closer look at that tweets analytics.


CircleIcons – Free

This tweak takes the icons in your settings panel and makes them circular, rather than the original shape. You can even delete the icons altogether if that tickles your fancy, but I’d stay away from that, it doesn’t look too good in my opinion.


SwitcherDND – Free

If your’e a big user of Do Not Disturb (DND) then you might want to pick up this tweak. It allows you to utilize your mute switch on the device to either enable or disable DND. It’s a nice way of enabling DND without even having to unlock your device.

BannerBuddy – Free

If you use Reachability, then you probably ran into the issue that I had with this feature right when iOS 8 came out. The ability to bring down banner notifications with Reachability. That’s exactly what this tweak does. When you receive a banner and you invoke Reachability, it will bring down the notification with the screen and allow you to interact with it.


Cobalia – Free

This tweak will throw your toggles right at the top of the app switcher. If you have your recent contacts or favorites located there, it will replace it altogether. You can customize what toggles you want listed in the app switcher right within the settings panel.


EasySpring2 – Free

It’s always recommended to have a tweak that quickly allows you to respring, power down, reboot, etc. This tweak does just that. After installed, just hold down on the power button to invoke EasySpring2 and you will get all those options and more.

If you want to see all these tweaks in action, be sure to check out the video of them all below.

Let us know what you think about this tweak in the comments below!

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