The Best Free Tweaks of the week [February 3 – February 9]

News / Mobile phones

The Best Free Tweaks of the week [February 3 – February 9]

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News / Mobile phones The Best Free Tweaks of the week [February 3 – February 9]

Some weeks there are several awesome tweaks that are released, while other weeks we aren’t as lucky. This week we had quite a few free tweaks released, so today we’re going to be taking a look at 5 free tweaks that may be worth checking out.¬†

CCScale – Free

This tweak allows you to easily change the size of the UI elements int eh control center. Just open up the settings app and slide the slider to the desired size and respring your device and you’ve got yourself either larger or smaller elements.

CCShadowRemover – Free

When you invoke the control center, the top of the screen or the “background” behind the control center is darkened with a shadow. Well, if you’re not a fan of that, then you can simply take it away just by installing CCShadowRemover.


CleanUp – Free

This is a tweak that was requested on reddit. Someone had watched a video from a website that they didn’t necessarily want to be shown each time he opened his control center. So what this tweak does is if you watch a video in your web browser, instead of showing the site that you played the video from in the control center, it just says “Web Video”. ¬†It could save you some embarassment if you’ve ever ran into this issue before.


TapTapFlip – Free

Here’s a very simple tweak that could be helpful for one handed selfies. Rather than having to tap a specific portion of the screen to flip the camera from the back facing camera to the face cam, now all you have to to is double tap the screen. There are no options to configure, once you install it, it works.

MoreThanSMS – Free

This tweak allows you to easily make calls straight from the conversation view within your messages app. Just tap on the new emblem at the top and enter the phone number of the person to call.


If you want to see these tweaks in action, be sure to check out the video below:

Let us know what you think about these free tweaks in the comments below.

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