The Apple Watch companion app’s ‘Friends,’ ‘Activity’ and ‘Messages’ features detailed
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The Apple Watch companion app’s ‘Friends,’ ‘Activity’ and ‘Messages’ features detailed

  • 2015-02-13 14:23:13
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News / Mobile phones The Apple Watch companion app’s ‘Friends,’ ‘Activity’ and ‘Messages’ features detailed

In January, long before Tim Cook revealed that the Apple Watch is on schedule to begin shipping in April, a lengthy report showcased the companion app for iOS that’s reportedly built to customize the Watch and change specific settings.

The initial report outlined plenty of new features and settings, giving a nice outline of what to expect from the software when it launches later this year. From changing features on the watch’s home screen, to even setting a monogram on the face to show off the personalization of the wearable, the Watch will obviously have plenty to offer.

Now, a new report from AppleInsider has revealed a few new pieces of information regarding the companion app and the settings that can be altered from within it.

image Apple Watch Friends

First up, the “Friends” section within the Watch’s companion app will allow the owner to select up to 12 different individuals that can show up on the Friends screen on the Watch itself, any of which can be chosen to quickly get in touch with, either via a text message or a phone call. As showcased by Apple during the unveiling of the Watch, this Friends screen can be accessed by pressing the physical button on the side of the Watch, just under the Crown.

The Watch’s companion app will also feature its own “block” list, which will allow some users to be barred from getting in touch with the owner. Obviously the iPhone’s block list will still make sure that some contacts can’t reach out, but offering up another list that’s easily accessible on the wrist is a nice bonus.

image Apple Watch Messages

The “Messages” section on the Watch offers a bit more control and options for how messages arrive on the Watch, offering a bit more control over notifications and incoming activity. As revealed in the report, the settings can be mirrored from the iPhone, which means all of the settings that the owner has set up on their iPhone will simply be reflected on the Watch. Or, the user can opt to change settings, like enabling or disabling alerts altogether, offer read receipts and more.

The Watch will offer the ability to send an audio message or a dictated transcript, and within the settings option owners can decide to select one of these options as the default, automatic response to their messages. The companion app will also let owners change the default reply option, for a bit more personalization when automatically replying to contacts.

image Apple Watch Activity

Finally, The “Activity” section within the companion app will let owners finely tune many of the Health-related features of the Watch, including the ability to turn on or off “Stand reminders,” which will allow the Watch to prompt the owner to stand up and move around if they’ve been sitting for 50 minutes in an hour’s stretch. The Activity settings will also let the owner set when they get prompted regarding their progress in certain activities.

Achievements will apparently be part of the Apple Watch’s health aspects, too, letting the wearer know when they have achieved certain milestones.

Considering how quickly the Apple Watch’s release approaches, these leaks are more than likely going to become more common, but for anyone that’s antsy to get as much information regarding Apple’s upcoming wearable, they are more than likely worthy morsels before the official launch. Recently, an image that’s reported to be the companion app’s official iOS icon slipped out as well.

Are you planning on picking up an Apple Watch?

[via AppleInsider]

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