Ten Ways YouRseventeen;re Eating Breakfast Wrong

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Ten Ways YouRseventeen;re Eating Breakfast Wrong

  • 2015-05-07 12:40:49
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amazing / Food & Drinks Ten Ways YouRseventeen;re Eating Breakfast Wrong

Are you one for all those who enjoy in having a good breakfast before leave to work or to school. There is nothing better than that and we completely enjoy always in a good prepared breakfast. Though you may think you’re eating breakfast the right way however, there’s an even better way to eat your favorite foods. We do not want to tell you how is the right and we do not tell yo that you must eat the breakfast on that way just we think that with the presented ways the breakfast will be more complete and sure more delicious. Check the below presented hacks and we are sure that you will love it if you give them a try. Enjoy!

1. You fry eggs in a pan


Scramble eggs in a microwave-safe mug


2. You open new cereal from the top of the bag


Flip the bag (or the entire box) before you open it to redistribute any clusters or larger pieces


3. You drink coffee and eat yogurt


Blend chilled coffee with yogurt and ice for the top taste


4. You pour cereal from the box


use a measuring cup to scoop out cereal to avoid making mess


5. You pour cereal before milk


For a better cereal-to-milk ratio, pour the milk first


6. You cook eggs every single morning


Prep the whole dozen at one time: Just crack the eggs in a big bowl, scramble with a fork, and pour evenly into a greased muffin pan


7. You eat yogurt with a spoon


Stick a popsicle stick through the lid and freeze to create a yogurt pop you can eat with one hand


8. You use a kettle to create a cup of tea


9. You drink juice


Even if you drink 100-percent fruit juice, the calories (about 110 per glass!) add up. Pass the water


10. You add ice to your smoothie


Use frozen fruit and just a few ice cubes to get the top of both earths.

source                          via cosmopolitan.com

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