Tata Docomo introduced Smart Security Solutions for its customers
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Tata Docomo introduced Smart Security Solutions for its customers

  • 2012-08-22 04:48:43
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News / Telecom Tata Docomo introduced Smart Security Solutions for its customers
Tata docomo, the market leader in innovation is back once more with a series of smart security services for its customers. There are a unit numerous services that is launched beneath the Smart Security Solutions banner by Docomo. because the Name Sounds Smart These solutions are cheap and can be with innovative Technology.

Services in Smart Security Solutions

Currently to supply higher security in an exceedingly straightforward means. tata Docomo has continually came with the initiate merchandise within the Market. Per Second decision pluse was additionally unreal by Tata Docomo. and currently each Company is victimisation it. however as this can be good Solutions has created with a lot of innovative Technology to draw in its Customers. we tend to dont assume differentNetworks can copy this, presently during this Smart Security Solutions Tag, There area unit 3 services launched. lets see the Services and its options that Makes Smart Security Solutions Smart

SmartBus Tracker

SmartBus Tracker is actually preety cool and extremely superb Service. once I initial scan tis Description i used to be affected. each faculties yet as oldsters will Take the advantage of this Service at terribly reasonablevalue

Benefits for School
* Real Time trailing of All Buses
* Reduce operational prices
*Live Map of presently Running Buses
*With Geo Fence- get SMS Alert once a Bus Leaves sure space
*Get Alert of Speed of Bus

Benefits for Parents
*Peace of Mind as they will Track their kid
*Time Management for Parents
*ParentsAlerts oldsters square measure alerted once the Bus is Reaching their various stop.
*Plans: Monthly Rental of Rs.1200 for per SmartBus Tracker, paid as quarterly advance.

SmartHome Surveillance

SmartHome Surveillance could be a New Service launched by Tata Docomo by that you will monitor your Home from anyplace, Its comes with web Protocol Camera that is specially designed for Home Security thus you will keep your complete home vigil and Secure your Family.

• Remote Video: Its allows you to look at Live video of your Home from anyplace and Anytime
• Remote Order: this is often very nice service. You will order your Camera. management your Camera from anyplace. It suggests that you will move the camera from Left to Right and Up to bottom to check the whole read and modify it by your would like.
• Night View: you will read a really clear Videos and Live videos upto a 2 Meters in Absolute Darkness
• Easy Wireless Installation: Its straightforward to put in good Home Camera anyplace in your House and it will would like Electricity to figure

The SmartCamera from Tata Docomo can very facilitate many that wish to trace their Hones . this Service could facilitate to scale back Thieves and theft and can be useful in several emergency Cases. but Husbands will Track their Wives once they dont seem to be in Home with Smart Security Solutions from Tata Docomo

Plans :Rental of Rs.13500 per SmartHome Surveillance Camera Service, paid as advance for annual subscription.

SmartCar Security

Smart Car Security is another nice Service in Smart Security Solutions and there are a unit some common options of SmartBus tracker but the advantage in victimization SmartCar Security over Alarm is. Smart car Security works on SMS primarily based alerts. thus you will be alerted on Activity Of car wherever Alarm sound cant be detected, There are a unit more cool options of This Service lets have a glance to its options

• Geo-lock the car- Get a second alert if it moves off from the selected geographics.
• Stoppage Alerts: The System Alerts you once your car Stops for over a particular period at an exact place
• Over Speed: Alerts you by SMS once your/ car is at additional Speed from your Definite Set Speed
• Utilities and Interests: with this Special Service from Smart Security Solutions you get Details of car Workshop, station house, ATM, Hospital, Hotels, fuel Pumps, Cinema theaters, Food joints and Etc among 5 Kilometers with GPS primarily based system of SmartCar.
• Ignition Alert - Alert whenever your engine switched on.
*Plans: Rs.2500, paid jointly time charge for six months. And Rs.5000 for Year.

How to Access and Demo

Users WHO likable this Service and need to Exprience it then They turn Toll Free variety of tata Docomo Smart Security Solutions for Demo of the Service and Installation. the quantity is- 1800 266 0000.
This is the three options that area unit launched currently by Smart Security Solutions As per the sources there is a rumor for additional nice services in to be launched by tata Docomo. Lets See however this Services Maintain their Foots in Market with powerful competition.
Its is often higher for one thing good thus assume if you in Real would like of Any of those Services and take a look at it. additionally dont forget to share your expertise concerning it. because it can attending to facilitate thousands.
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