Shifts makes it easy to manage a messy hourly work schedule

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Shifts makes it easy to manage a messy hourly work schedule

  • 2015-02-13 12:53:22
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News / Mobile phones Shifts makes it easy to manage a messy hourly work schedule

Working an hourly shift can be hard, but managing those hours is now much easier thanks to Built By Snowman. Following the success of its Checkmark task manager, Built By Snowman is back with a new app, appropriately titled Shifts, which allows workers to track and manage their shifts using their iPhone.

The centerpiece of Shifts is a monthly calendar view that allows you to see all the shifts you have entered for the calendar month. The current day is highlighted on the calendar, with icons marking those days that you are working. For those who don’t like the calendar, there also is an alternative list view that shows all the available shifts in the current month.


As with most productivity apps, you have to invest some time in setting up the app before you can reap the time-saving benefits. In the case of Shifts, you must enter the hours and the days that you normally work. The app is flexible, allowing you to create a variety of different shifts based on your work schedule.

When you first create a shift, you are prompted to create a shift type. A shift type allows you define a start time, end time and an hourly pay rate of your commonly worked shifts. You can, for example, create a weekday 9 to 5 shift type and a weekend 8 to 3 shift type. This feature is especially useful for employees who have more than one shift job, work different hours each week or receive a higher amount of pay for different days of the week

Once you name your shift type and select a start/end time, you can further customize the shift entry by choosing a color and icon that’ll appear in the calendar and list view. These options make it easy to see which shifts you are working over the course of a month.


After you have created all of your different shift types, you can add them to the calendar by tapping the “+” button on the bottom of the screen. This will pull up the available shift types and allow you to assign that shift to a particular day. So if you have a weekend shift type, you can assign it to every Saturday in a month. In just a few taps, you can fill out a calendar month with your entire work schedule.

One extremely handy feature in Shifts is the ability to create a rotation. This option allows you specify a pattern of shifts, making it easy for workers to manage a complex schedule. Shifts also has some extra amenities, such as an alert feature that allows you to receive alerts about an upcoming shift and an earnings feature that will display your monthly expected income.


You may be asking, why use Shifts when you can use a standard calendar app to manage your work schedule. In my opinion, it comes down to convenience. Unlike Shifts, calendar apps are not designed for hourly shift work. Shifts makes it significantly easier to enter your work shifts and manage complex rotations. It also calculates your monthly pay, which is a major benefit for hourly workers trying to make ends meet. For a shift worker, I can’t recommend a better app than Shifts to manage their sometimes complex and often changing schedules.

Shifts is available in the iOS App Store for US$1.99. It’s compatible with the iPhone and requires iOS 8 or later.

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