seventeen Useful thoughts for Small Bathrooms

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seventeen Useful thoughts for Small Bathrooms

  • 2016-01-05 14:21:55
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amazing / Diy Crafts seventeen Useful thoughts for Small Bathrooms

Bathrooms are the poor parents of house rooms, we usually neglect its appearance and style. Especially if they are small… However, remember that this is one of the most important rooms of the house: you can live without an office or a closet, but you cannot live without a bathroom.

So, what’s the secret to create your bathroom interesting, even if it’s super small? With innovative thoughts and an stunning design. Check these tips.

1 | Steel Rust Proof Storage Cubes

space saving storage, storageA good storage thought to hide all the bathroom clutter, especially if you have kids.

2 | Deep Bathtub Small Bathroom Decor

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAn essential tip for small spaces: use the corners. Follow this rule and you will be able to put a bathtub like this one in a small bathroom.

3 | Space Saving Small Bathroom Sink

??????????????This space saving sink with a futuristic tap will create a visual statement in your bathroom.

4 | Plastic Cups Small Bathroom Storage

4Instead of hanging shelves to put the cups, hang the cups. So basic!

5 | Hanging Basket StorageRack

5These original storage baskets will look beautiful in your classic and minimalist bathroom.

6 | Cutting Edge Shower & Bathtub Design

6The modern and space saving shower and bathtub for the modern bathroom.

7 | Eco friendly Small Bathroom Design Mod

7Turn your bathroom into a small recycling station with this innovative and green system.

8 | Cool Wall Tile Storage

8Tiles that are drawers? Yes, please! It’s the dream of every small bathroom owner.

9 | Kids Bathroom

9A smaller bathtub can be a good thought for your tiny bathroom. Save it for the kids!

10. Sleek cone shaped storage and sink

10What a good thought to create the most of the available space in a small bathroom. There’s never too much storage space.

11 | Compact Design Small Bathroom

11Corners can be your top friends if you have a small bathroom: don’t ignore them, create the most of it.

12 | Illusive Glass Shower Door

12The transparent shower door creates the bathroom seem a lot bigger than it actually is.

13 | Bike Themed Small Bathroom Decor

13Quite the Parisian bathroom, isn’t it?

14 | Organized Small Bathroom Storage

14A lot of items can fit in the smallest bathroom if you’re organized. This small bathroom in the picture is a good example of correct storage.

15 | Industrial Metal Shelf Turned Into Sink

15What a great thought: use your mobile shelves to “support” your sink.

16 | Brush Your Teeth innovatively

16This one is more a innovative thought to help you brush your teeth in a innovative way and save water doing it.

17 | Incorporating The Washing Machine & Toilet

17Save space in your tiny bathroom by creating this stunning futuristic “robot”, which combines the disposal power of the toilet and the cleaning wonders of the washing machine.


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