Oracle must pay Google $1M for court fees ...

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Oracle must pay Google $1M for court fees ...

  • 2012-09-06 02:21:45
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News / Internet Oracle must pay Google $1M for court fees ...
Finally , Oracle v. Google has given up on trying to find any more paid to the journalists, bloggers, while also Judgement says that Oracle should hand over some money to Google as court fee .In a new order issued yesterday, Judge William Alsup said that the U.S. according to the District Court of Northern California would "take no further action regarding the subject of payments by the litigants to commentators and journalists and reassures both sides that no commentary has in any way influenced the Courtís orders and ruling herein save and except for any treatise or article expressly cited in an order or ruling.

Google stand on its earlier claims says, " it did not pay any journalists or bloggers, but that other individuals might have received compensation in relation to the case, including William Patry ,Google attorney and also Java creator James Gosling.

Oracle and Google's legal assistants come to together in court on the 23rd of these August for the discussion relating to the Google's motion for judgment as a matter of law filed in last July, for applying for a new trial.
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