New MV800 from Samsung with amazing features

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New MV800 from Samsung with amazing features

  • 2012-07-22 05:00:22
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Reviews / Digital Cameras New MV800 from Samsung with amazing features
Samsung planning tointroduce the new MV800 16.1 Megapixel MultiView Compact Digital Camera , with advanced techno features.

It has a Groundbreaking Adjustable LCD Screen by which the three. Flip-Out display facilitate to take nice photos from different angles. Its possible through the easily the LCD from zero to one hundred eighty degrees. Snap an image over a crowd or get waist-level candids of children and pets, or spin the display for perfectly framed self-portraits.It also support to select from3 shutter options to comfortably snap pics from any position.Multiple MomentsTouch up pics on the spot with Photo Editor,removeblemishes and imperfections using Beauty Shot, or easily rotate pictures, add effects and crop out distracting components right from the display pane. The MV800’s 7.62cm (3.0) display flips up and downthus you canframe shots at any angle without having to twist your body or bend your back. Snap a high-angle shot over a crowd to effortlessly capture a street performance, or get waist-level candids of your dog. Take low angle shots without getting on the ground, or spin the display all the way around for dazzling self-portraits.The LCD lets you stand the camera thus we can enjoy from a simple and comfortable position.

Lets have a lot of fun when you can cover all the angles.Stylish design that captures your imagination. nice design and nice funtion same as different samsung product. the features are easy to use and make out. the only thing that might be better thought is how hot it gets,.

in indian market it\'be available RS.16000 ($279.99) approximately
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