New Google logo is real

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New Google logo is real

  • 2013-09-20 19:59:48
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News / Internet New Google logo is real

Search engine  master  Google has rumored  out its new logo. The updated  logo has a flatter look with cleaner lines and comes  with a new bar for  navigation that  will replace  the old  menu bar with a smaller range of links on the right-hand side of the page.Google has just announced that it will refresh  its iconic emblem with much better color palette and also alter the shapes of the  letters. 

The improved  design matches the flatter Google logo that appeared earlier this month, and Google says that  it will roll out across more products and services in the coming days. at the same time the company has retread its traditional navigation bar in an attempt to bring users a more contoured experience.

 the black bar that users  see today are gone ; instead, Google's products are now organized into the same apps grid seen on Android, providing quick access to the company's most frequently used services.The changes are set to roll out to users in the  coming weeks, and are a nice compliment to the design changed Google has made with many of their mobile apps.

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