New app to assist folks realize missing kids

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New app to assist folks realize missing kids

  • 2012-05-09 02:37:41
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News / Apps Reviews New app to assist folks realize missing kids
It's a parent's worst nightmare. Their kid does not return home one evening and is missing for many days. When a 14-year-old boy from Atlanta, Georgia disappeared earlier this year, his mother turned to her smartphone for clues using an app referred to as Family Tracker that helped track his location.

It is one in all many apps that permit folks to trace the whereabouts of their kids. 'You will see where your loved ones are while not having to decision or hassle them,' said Roberto Franceschetti of LogSat, the creators of the Family Tracker, that has quite 100,000 users and is out there worldwide.

Parents will track the placement of their kid on a map, send messages, and even activate an alarm on the phone remotely. 'We have an possibility for the sender to create a really nasty, noisy sound. Its a loud siren and that we repeat that sound each 2 minutes till the person picks up,' he said. folks do not have to be compelled to own a smartphone to trace their kids.

The service is additionally accessible via the net, as long because the phone that's being tracked is running the app, that runs on an iPhone or Android devices. Family Tracker has a further service that keeps a log of all knowledge generated by the app for a two-week amount, that the corporate calls GPS breadcrumbs. The service was used to seek out the missing boy in Atlanta. 'With a subscription, we tend to keep all the locations where folks are on our servers.
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