Netflix double down on exclusive content

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Netflix double down on exclusive content

  • 2013-04-23 23:09:45
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News / Internet Netflix double  down on exclusive content
Reed Hastings, the Netflix CEO was not clean out in the terms of numbers about the financial impact on the in concert on behalf of the release of 13 "House of Cards" episodes last quarter.

Regarding negotiations to acquire original content, Hastings said, that , We are focused on moving toward more and more exclusive content," Hastings said Monday during Netflix's first-quarter earnings call. If the content is not exclusive and it's on cable and on other services, it might be pleasant to watch on Netflix, but it's not really reinforcing customers to stay with Netflix.

One of the markable change is that one Hulu and Amazon bidding more aggressively.

The main Competitors and the path followers , including Amazon and Hulu, which is good news for the content producers and viewers. Amazon Studios just debuted 14 original, exclusive pilots,some of which will be funded for full seasons. It makes the content owners happier and prices to us higher." That said, Hastings said that Netflix is spending less than a double-digit percentage of its total revenue on original content., after a seven-year hiatus, Netflix just launched 13 episodes of "Hemlock Grove," a supernatural thriller, and is bringing back the quirky, cult comedy "Arrested Development." in May
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