i.Pad 5 rumored to launch in March

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i.Pad 5 rumored to launch in March

  • 2012-12-28 05:25:34
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News / Smartphones i.Pad 5 rumored to launch in March
After the long lasted waiting is over...gossips regarding the iPad and iPad Mini 2 have started to rattle down the supply chain of Apple in China. If the rumours are become true, the iPad 5 should be thinner and lighter, and also feature a new design that’s similar to the iPad Mini , that shows the slightly shorter and narrower than the former iPad 4. The iPad Mini 2 should kept the same 7.9-inch display, and have a jump to Retina resolution of 2048×1536 and also move to the A6X SoC (currently only found in the iPad

iPad 5 , with its narrower portrait bezel expected to be unveiled in March 2013 have a 4m.m shorter and a 16m.m narrower, and 2mm thinner than the fourth-gen iPad — in other words, it’ll look a lot like the iPad Mini,. By losing 2mm in depth, the iPad 5 would be just 7.4mm.

This reduced size will also lead to reduce the weight of the iPad 5, but it might also impact battery life.It’s possible that Apple could reveal an A7 SoC in March, based on some kind of 28nm process (perhaps in association with TSMC), but unlikely.
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