Indian Railways launches RailRadar, on-line Train tracking App

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Indian Railways launches RailRadar, on-line Train tracking App

  • 2012-10-11 20:13:25
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News / Internet Indian Railways launches RailRadar, on-line Train tracking App
The Centre for Railway information Service (CRIS) disclosed RailRadar, an internet application that has the placement of a train on a map (Google Maps) and visualizes the running-train network, . this is actually welcome on one of the biggest rail networks within the world -- it operates over 10,000 trains everyday -- although the service is justavailable on 6,500 trains for now.

To find out wherever your train is, simply search for its name or number and RailRadar can spot it for you. you'll conjointly realize trains by coming into the name of the station. Blue highlights indicate trains that are on time whereas red suggests that it's behind schedule. If you click on a train, it will show its entire route from begin to end. The logical next step would be for this to be on smart phones like however it's in Japan, though we're unsure if that is in the cards just yet.

Features & Interface: RailRadar offers a friendly interface, and users will get graphical info via an interactive map, zooming in and zooming out to get station and train detail. The app permits users to look for a specific station or train, to get specific details of trains around the station or running standing of a train, its location, route and stoppages. RailRadar conjointly offers an summary on the train’s on-time and delay status via a link to in caseof a mishap/unplanned activity, RailRadar would even be able to offer users with an summary of situation and train status across the country.

At the moment, RailRadar is organized to update/refresh itself each five minutes, though the location informs that the updates of the individual trains could vary the area the world wherever it's presently running and the location and status of the trains displayed on RailRadar can continually be five or more minutes delayed, for security and regulatory reasons.
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