IMEI number helps to trace your lost mobile.

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IMEI number helps to trace your lost mobile.

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TipsTricks / Mobile phones IMEI number helps to trace your lost mobile.
The IMEI number is the most important side of your mobile phones. Through this fifteen digit number, you\'ll be able to do wonders. Using this, the society also can be created a better place. Today, we share with you certain important details relating to the IMEI number. once your mobile get lost or stolen in this case IMEI is that the only thing which can assist you to trace your lost/stolen mobile phone. The IMEI stands for International Mobile equipment Identity and this can be a unique number of a mobile phone and has 15 digits.

You can know the IMEI of your mobile phone by following ways.

1. Either check the first mobile phone packing box if you have got kept that box preserved safely, you\'ll be able to find IMEI of the mobile phone written on the sticker on that mobile packing box.

2. IMEI number is additionally written on the compliance plate wherever battery of mobile set is fitted, just lift the battery of mobile and beneath the battery; you\'ll find IMEI printed on the compliance plate of your mobile phone.

3. the simplest way to know the IMEI of mobile phone is by pressing *#06# on your mobile phone and it\'ll show its IMEI number in most phones.

In fact IMEI is assigned to every GSM mobile phone once it\'s made. If you have got noted IMEI number safely, it will help in blocking your mobile phone if it\'s lost/ stolen. The mobile operator will block a Mobile telephone by putting IMEI in black list of the network�s EIR (Equipment Identity Register)however usually mobile operators do that just in case of special investigations only.
So right now know IMEI of your mobile phone and note down it safely.

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