HTC One Google edition might released in summer

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HTC One Google edition might released in summer

  • 2013-05-29 09:01:42
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News / Mobile phones HTC One Google edition might  released  in summer
reports says that HTC is planning a Sense-free version of its flagship phone, CNET has confirmed. recent reports says that HTC now ready to sell its flagship One smartphone with a Google Edition version the phone without its trademark Sense user interface popped up on the last friday . HTC is indeed planning to launch the phone,The phone strips out the many Samsung touches that were loaded into the phone.

The One has been critically lauded, but many feared its sales would be dampened by the launch of the Galaxy S4 and the accompanying marketing blitz by Samsung. But an HTC executive told The Wall Street Journal that it had sold 5 million units in the first month, indicating a strong start.

HTC has bet heavily that its Sense user interface will set its products apart from the rest of the Android pack. The move follows a similarly surprising announcement by Samsung Electronics that it would launch a version of its Galaxy S4 with stock Android.

HTC has recently faced concerns about its longevity after The Verge reported several key employees had left the company. HTC continues to see shrinking sales and profits. but in any manner there are a huge number of other Android fans who prefer a "pure" version of the phone with stock Android, which enables faster updates and the latest from Google. the reports assumes that the Galaxy S4 Google Edition is available only on select carriers and will be sold at a price of $650.
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