How to Automatically shut down computer ?

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How to Automatically shut down computer ?

  • 2013-02-27 15:26:17
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TipsTricks / computers Laptops How to Automatically shut down computer ?
- There are a lot of third party tools available to automatically shut down a computer.Here we are discussing about the built-in utility of Windows OS to do the same.

- Open Scheduled Tasks.
- It is available at Control Panel .

- It is also accessible

- Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Scheduled Tasks


- Double click on Add Scheduled task

- It opens Scheduled Task wizard.

- This wizard helps us to schedule a task for windows to perform. It allows us to select a program to run at a convenient time Press NEXT button. It shows a list of programs -

- The program to shutdown window is not listed here. - So Press BROWSE button to locate shutdown.exe . It is usually available at


- Press Open button.

- In the next window Give a name for the task and schedule the interval of this task. - In the next window set the time of schedule. - In the next window enter the name and password of user. A password is must to run a scheduled task. The task will trigger only if the specified user is logged in. It will not work in other user accounts.

- In the next window select the check button ,Open Advanced properties for this task when I click finish - Now click on Apply and close the window. - Thats all to automatically shut down a computer -

- How to simplify using your mouse: change double-click to single-click - When you browse the Web with Microsoft Internet Explorer, links open with a single click. Yet, when you browse My Computer or My Documents, a single click lets you select a file or folder, but you have to double-click to open it. - If you had rather single-click to open files and folders, you can change the setting on your mouse (dont worry, this process does not require any double clicks).

- To change the settings on your mouse -

- Click Start, and then click My Computer.

- Click Tools, and then click Folder Options.

- Click Single-click to open an item. Then, click OK.

- -

- Now you can navigate folders and open files with a single rather than a double click. If you need to select a file, simply hold your mouse over the file for a few seconds without clicking.
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