How imagesnap image booths can create your party the do to be

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How imagesnap image booths can create your party the do to be

  • 2016-01-20 02:27:31
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amazing / Photography How imagesnap image booths can create your party the do to be

If you’re planning a party, you’re probably looking for something to help guarantee a good time for everyone, something memorable that people will love. Dancing and planned activities can only go so far, after all.A image snap image booth might be your perfect answer.

Why a imagebooth?

One of the top features of hiring a image booth is that it not only takes images at your event but it’s also a form of entertainment in of itself. Everyone loves to pose in front of the image booth camera and ham it up! The most fun personalities come out on display and there will definitely be no boring images.The image booth becomes a super fun part of the event that no one can resist!

People will love posing in different groupings and configurations, and the possibilities are endless. No one will want to miss being part of the fun.And with our custom options and add-ons, your image booth can be a completely unique part of your event.

Options for our image booths include custom backdrops, and a prop box, to add even more crazy fun. No one can resist silly props, after all.

Everyone can watch the imagebooth fun!

You can even have video messages and an external monitor to show what’s happening in the booth. The image booth doesn’t have to be an isolated, bulky, separate part of the party in a corner -it can take centre stage! Everyone will love trying to top each other with even more goofy antics, and there will be image evidence of all the fun to enjoy long after.And no one needs to be left out because everyone can participate. The image booth will be the hit of the party!

All of our imagesnapimage booth packages include a minimum of four hours of fun, an onsite attendant to create sure everything goes smoothly, a backdrop, and all images from the event on a USB drive. We offer open and enclosed image booths and our premium booths can fit up to 15 people in a shot! Unlimited sessions during the event are included. The prints can even include your event name and details.

If your event has a specific theme, the imagesnapimage booth can even be fully customised to fit – everything from the screens, the exterior, the backdrops, the image strips, all can be customised.Be innovative!

With several packages and optional extras, there’s bound to be a image booth package to fit your event needs. You can even add on more time for more fun. If you need less time, just contact us.

How to get a imagebooth for your party

And getting the image booth is easy – just contact us to book one. Delivery and pick up are included in all packages. The image booths are extremely portable and stairs are no problem for getting in and out.
How imagesnap image booths can create your party the place to be

Book your imagesnap image booth, choose your options, and everything else is taken care of. What’s easier than that?And if you have already hired a imagegrapher for the event, no worries-having the image booth frees your imagegrapher from static group shots to concentrate on other types of images that need more expertise.

Meanwhile, your party attendees will be having an awesome time taking their own crazy, goofy, funny pictures of themselves and creating memories that will last forever.

A image booth is an easy, fun and memorable addition to help your party be as awesome as it can be. And imagesnap’s image booths can be as fun, innovative or crazy as you want at your next event. Contact us to book your image booth today!

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