Google Vs Siri

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Google Vs Siri

  • 2012-03-23 17:15:35
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News / Mobile phones Google Vs Siri
Apple has launched an application named Siri which has completely changed the technology world is finally going to find its competitor this year. Last year and also this year we have see many apps named Evi, Iris etc. for the Android and other OS running devices but today, we have found a new app which will give a tough competition to Apple’s Siri.

Siri, the natural languages understanding app that answers your questions, is supposed to be the advantage that the iPhone 4S has, not only over other models of the iPhone, but every other mobile device on the planet. To show you just how important consider the fact that Apple has produced a TV commercial featuring Siri:

The search giant can launch this product by the end of this year and till now, we are known to these features only .We are expecting that Google will introduce the Android Jelly Bean with ‘Assistant’.
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