Explore the world of 3G with Aircel Unlimited 3G data Plans

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Explore the world of 3G with Aircel Unlimited 3G data Plans

  • 2012-05-15 04:33:35
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News / Telecom Explore the world of 3G with Aircel Unlimited 3G data Plans
Telecom market is growing day by day and folks are currently attracted a lot of towards use of 3G in their day to day regular life, the rationale behind this can be there are plenty of edges of using 3G service instead of simply sticking to 2G service and use the essential plans. currently you will be able to carry the super high-speed mobile broadband on your pocket, reworking your mobile into your workplace, a full-fledged theater to look at HD movies and videos, taking part in HD on-line games and plenty a lot of. potentialities are unlimited.

I will be explaining how you\'ll be able to do some crazy stuff with the utilization of this classic technology and a issue known as 3G using unlimited 3G information set up of leading service offer Aircel. the value of 3G is slightly towards higher facet however well its its own benefits. however conjointly a variety of exclusive services and unlimited 3G information plans that starts simply at Rs7/Rs8. From video calling to video streaming, learning faster to operating smarter, it’s all potential with 3G on Aircel.

Unlimited 3G potentialities

If you are using 3G service then it’s counseled to travel for 3G set up as a result of it’s therefore addictive that you can’t stop just surfing and browsing on your Smartphone. There are several data plans on the market in Aircel for unlimited 3G service that i ll getting to cowl in more half. as of currently we will see that how we are able to get most edges from 3G which too on unlimited information plans, therefore lets begin :

1) Video Calling :

Whenever 3G comes in our mind we tend to without delay concerning} Video Calling and begin dreaming about how we are able to do video calling with our friends, relative and specially with our loved ones. The most effective feature of 3G is video calling and with this the gap between the 2 parties gets reduced and you\'ll feel like we tend to are talking face to face. this can be a bit like a hangout in google + or a video calling in Skype.

2) Fast and Furious :

No i am not talking concerning the movie, the most advantage of 3G is you will get high speed web on your mobile like never before. watch videos, surf web like never before, watch movies on YouTube while not watching for that buffering and every one this in High Definition (HD). therefore you will get service like quick and Furious therefore it’s quite obvious to own unlimited set up for that otherwise the fun are going to be over in barely jiffy.

3) Location/Navigation Services :

Lost your approach in an exceedingly city, currently with Aircel Pocket Finder you will be able to quickly apprehend where you\'re, routes on the market to your destination. you\'ll be able to conjointly notice the closest restaurants, low outlets etc. Not solely that,it conjointly tells you where your friends and family are. conjointly with Google maps you\'ll be able to confirm you\'re never lost. it\'ll assist you to seek out the most effective route on the market.

4) Office in your Pocket :

No want of laptop or laptop, simply open up your mobile and with unlimited 3G plans you\'ll be able to upload/download workplace documents, edit the documents on-line, build shows, live chat along with your colleagues and what not. If you bought a robust Smartphone you\'ll be able to multitask, acting on a pair of or a lot of apps with ease.

5) Unlimited Downloads and uploads :

If you own a smartphone then you can’t stop yourself by downloading many apps from Google Play Store. currently with unlimited information plans you\'ll be able to download several apps, YouTube Videos, Files and far a lot of from your mobile solely.

6) Stay Connected with your Friends :

Friends are extremely necessary a part of your life therefore it’s continually smart to remain connected with them. with unlimited 3G set up and a smartphone you\'ll be able to continually keep connected with apps like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and Google and. Share your photos and like their standing and inquire into their photos and standing.

7)Learning :

With Aircel Pocket Learning you\'ll be able to confirm you earn smart score within the exams. Be it college or competitive, Aircel offer many relevant content, personalized study choices, assessments and alerts on necessary areas. Its on the market completely on Aircel 3G.

Aircel + 3G Unlimited Data Plan = Fun Unlimited

Aircel unlimited 3G data plans starts from simply Rs eight per day (Rs7/day in some states), that provides 50MB data transfer at three.6 Mbps and subsequently unlimited data transfer at 128Kbps. the biggest threeG unlimited set up value Rs 997 that provides 10GB data transfer at 3.6 Mbps.

So currently ignore your recent 2G network and begin using the unlimited 3G network from Aircel on your smartphone and explore the total new world of web on your mobile.
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