Download the best deals on apps and games for a limited time (Feb 4)

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Download the best deals on apps and games for a limited time (Feb 4)

  • 2015-02-13 14:26:52
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News / Mobile phones Download the best deals on apps and games for a limited time (Feb 4)

We have some great apps for you today that are now free or on sale for a short time in the App Store. The list today includes Sunny, Sage Fusion and more.

Free Games:

  • Sage Fusion: Set in a futuristic universe in which artificial intelligence is considered religious taboo, Sage Fusion tells the adventure of a businessman and his bodyguard who visit the planet of Capistad, the capital of the galaxy where two major political powers are about to go to war. $2.99 → Free
  • UniWar: UniWar™ is a classic multiplayer turn-based strategy game with an online community.
    Players take turns building their army and fighting against each other. $0.99 → Free
  • A Mechanical Story: As Mr Mechanic goes to work, he discovers something that he never quite expected! Can you Help Mr Mechanic fix his newly found friend? $0.99 → Free

Free Apps:

  • Sunny ~ Sleep Relax Meditate on the Beach with Calm Wave and Ocean Sounds: You will sleep and feel better with Sunny, your collection of beautiful beaches recorded in stereoscopic 3D for headphones.
    $1.99 → Free
  • Toontastic – Create & Share Cartoons: Lights, Camera, Play! Toontastic is a creative storytelling app used in thousands of schools around the world that enables kids to draw, animate, and share their own cartoons. $9.99 → Free
  • Pinow: Pinow” widget is the fastest way to know your current location and address number. $1.99 → Free
  • File Manager App: File Manager is the ultimate app to download, organize and view all your files on your iPhone or iPad. $2.99 → Free
  • Delivered! – Package Tracking Made Simple: Follow each step of your deliveries with push notifications sent directly to your loved gadgets: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. $1.99 → Free

Game Price Drops:

  • Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut: Shadowrun: Dragonfall – Director’s Cut is the definitive version of Harebrained Schemes’ critically-acclaimed Dragonfall campaign. $6.99 → $4.99
  • Blek: Blek is a unique game about imagination and personality. Everything you draw keeps moving – and watching your creations move is like watching magic. $2.99 → $0.99
  • Star Nomad Elite: Star Nomad Elite is a top-down 2D sandbox spacesim. It was created as a tribute to classic spacesims of old. $3.99 → $1.99
  • Surgeon Simulator: You are the surgeon. Bob is the victim. Do your worst! $4.99 → $1.99

App Price Drops:

  • TripList Pro – The Packing App: TripList is here to help you pack smarter, faster, and ensure that you have everything you need on your travels. $2.99 → $1.99
  • TODAY Calendar (Task, Reminder, Goal, Anniversary): Plan your life with TODAY. $2.99 → $0.99
  • ChronoGrafik-Alarm Clock + Shake to Snooze: Transform your iPad and iPhone into a designer timepiece. 10 beautifully rendered faces, each with their own unique features and colors to choose from. ChronoGrafik is great for your nightstand, office, travel, kitchen and more! $1.99 → $0.99

If you want to purchase any of these apps, please visit the App Store and download them right away as these prices can change without notice.

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