Designers show off how some apps might look and work on the Apple Watch

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Designers show off how some apps might look and work on the Apple Watch

  • 2015-02-13 12:28:10
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News / Mobile phones Designers show off how some apps might look and work on the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is coming, and while Apple watches fans build up their own anticipation for the incoming wearable, designers and developers are working hard to showcase what might be coming to the device.

Recently, we’ve seen many different looks at the unavailable Apple Watch, including a glimpse at the Companion App that will be used in conjunction with the wearable, and even an interactive demo to see how apps will function on the Watch. Now, from digital agency Huge, designers have put together a few renderings of how they think some apps might look and work on Apple’s smartwatch.

The renders were published on Thursday, January 15, and go through several different features and ideas, including breaking down some of the key elements of the wearable, including the Digital Crown, the Taptic Engine and more. At the same time, the designers do note that these renders don’t necessarily represent the final apps that may or may not launch for the Watch later this year.

While the renders of the apps are certainly worthwhile, Huge also makes a note that’s certainly worth emphasizing: the apps on the Watch, to really shine, have to be interesting, new designs and not just existing apps that are shoved into the smaller display. Huge wants to see existing apps, like Instagram or Uber, come up with new apps for the Watch, while at the same time extending the features from the Watch and the iPhone it’s connected to:

Features such as native voice control, haptic feedback, and a digital crown that can be used to magnify, scroll or zoom within apps crack open a whole new world of design requirements and opportunities. The smartest companies will do more than offer facsimiles of their existing apps; they’ll create custom experiences that exploit the watch’s unique interface.

Some of the existing apps that Huge addresses is an app from Chase Bank. With the Watch app, transferring money from one account to another, or to another individual for that matter, would be very easy. More than that, though, being able to check the balance of an account, as well as get alerts for certain account elements could make the Watch very useful insofar that not opening the app on the phone would be so essential.

image Apple Watch Instagram app render

Huge also has some interesting thoughts on Instagram, and how the Watch’s app could function as a way of a communication tool for the app. Specifically, as a means to keep an Instagrammer connected to their profile, and any interactions they get, without having to have the app open on their iPhone all the time. With the Watch app, keeping tabs on photo comments, likes and more would be a breeze. Beyond that, Huge envisions a way to go through the Instagram Home feed using the Digital Crown.

Even an app like Fandango has plenty of functionality that could be made to work well on the Watch, including finding movie times, getting alerts for movie tickets that have been purchased (and presumably found in Passbook), as well as being able to use the Watch as the ticket itself.

There are plenty of ideas here, many of them great, but it’s all just a giant tease until the real deal finally launches. As of now, the word on the street is that the Watch will launch in the United States by the end of March. Are you excited to try out Apple’s wearable?

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