DataWind Discontinues UbiSlate 7+ tablet

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DataWind Discontinues UbiSlate 7+ tablet

  • 2012-09-18 09:57:38
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News / Tablets DataWind Discontinues UbiSlate 7+ tablet
The company behind Aakash and UbiSlate, DataWind that previously surprised the buyer the consumer market with its cheap tablets has another revelation to create. However, this time the corporate is taking a step back. DataWind is reportedly progressing to discontinue its low value tablet, UbiSlate7+.

The company has cited the unsteady rupee-dollar price as the chief reason. according to an organization official, the firm is trying forward to finish the UbiSlate 7+ tablet as it is transfer losses to the firm. The tablet priced at Rs 2,999 had set the Indian market on fire with its pricing.

Earlier this year in April, DataWind declared the launch of its low value Android-tablet- UbiSlate7+ that infused severe plug among tablet enthusiasts. As an outcome, DataWinds web site was flooded with pre-orders. However, this remains to be a uninformed mystery on why a majority of the pre-orders are still not met and therefore the majority of the shoppers are left with nothing but anguish and frustration with them.

But all this will appear to dither the companys focus in the Indian tablet market because it has launched four new tablets last week. The new tablets are priced below Rs 5,000.On the opposite hand, the large client group that pre-ordered the UbiSlate 7+ and are anticipating their dream tablet for many months might need to think of some another selection now.
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