BlackBerry prices down by 26%

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BlackBerry prices down by 26%

  • 2012-04-01 14:24:18
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News / Smartphones BlackBerry prices down by 26%
BlackBerry maker, Research In Motion (RIM) has slashed the prices of the handsets by about 26%.This move is a result of RIMs new strategy which is more inclined towards the youth, evident by the recent BlackBerry Boys ads. The authorities of RIM hope that this will help the company get a large user base on India.

Here are the Revised prices of BlackBerry Smartphones

Curve 8520 - Rs. 8,999 (Earlier Rs. 10,990) Price cut: 18%
Curve 9360 - Rs. 18,990 (Earlier Rs. 19,990) Price Cut: 5%
Curve 9380 - Rs. 16,990 (Earlier Rs. 20,990 Price Cut: 19%
Torch 9860 - Rs. 21,990 (Earlier Rs. 29,990) Price cut: 26%

Rim India managing director Sunil Dutt said, These four handsets comprise a bulk of sales in the country, it is 60 per cent of the business from India. The focus is not just on reducing prices, but we want to address a larger number of people and give them the overall experience of BlackBerry. We will continue to focus on bringing locally relevant products, services and applications to Indian consumers.

These four handsets make up the bulk sales in India. They account to 60% sales in the country. The focus of RIM is not to reduce the price but to offer BlackBerry experience to more users. The company will focus on the locally relevant applications, services and products to consumers. In a move to take on the tablet market, RIM recently dropped prices of its PlayBook tablet PC. The 64GB variant of the device will now cost you a mere Rs. 19,990.
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