Autumn Trraze: Saunterd

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Autumn Trraze: Saunterd

  • 2016-01-20 06:43:04
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amazing / Home Interior Autumn Trraze: Saunterd

The flowers have faded and the trees are starting to shed their green summer glow, and bewitch us with their lovely earthen hues. But you don’t have to let the darker season get you down – rearranging and redecorating your house to suit the new season is one way of embracing the months to come. But what’s in and what’s out this autumn? Faded decoration thoughts are on the rise again and you can incorporate this design trend in your house in various ways.

Switch accessories to suit your mood

Ombré and faded designs are very popular at the moment, but as with all trends you need to ask yourself if you’ll still love it in a few years. The top way to utilise these modern design elements is by using them for accessories that can be switched out whenever you feel like it. You could, for instance, use ombré bedding, curtains or pillows, rather than paints, wallpapers or carpets.

A forest walk indoors

If adding little highlights isn’t enough for you, then you can also transform an entire room by simply adding a wall mural. You can find loads of autumn-inspired designs on imagewall. You could, for instance, cover an entire wall with a wall mural of a forest path or a lakeside. That way you get to bring a little bit of nature into your own four walls and the top thing is, you don’t even have to put your warm winter coat on.

Autumn Trend: Faded

Old furniture bring new life to your house

Used arm chairs and old chandeliers tell a unique story and add a wonderful sense of faded grandeur to any house. You might be lucky and find some beautiful pieces of furniture at your local charity shop or through an antique dealer. If you just can’t find something suitable then you can always get innovative and create new furniture look distressed. That way you can get a chair or chest of drawers for little cash and create a completely unique centrepiece for your room.

Autumn Trend: Faded

Exploration, mystery and history

In autumn, we like to hide from the nasty weather by reading stories and dreaming of adventures. You can recreate this sense of nostalgia in your room by adding little accents. Rummage throughout car boot sales and charity shops to find some old globes or antlers.

Autumn Trend: Faded

Warm yourself by the metal

It might sound strange at first, but some metals are perfect for adding some warmth to your house. Rich gold, copper or bronze shades are particularly beautiful in autumn. Consider getting hammered copper countertops or backsplash tiles for your kitchen, or for a less permanent look, think about buying gold lighting fixtures, chandeliers or picture frames. It’s worth having a look throughout your local antique shop again. You can also buy plain wooden candlesticks and give them that autumn look by painting them in a shining gold or bronze hue.

Just because the season is getting darker and colder doesn’t mean that you have to start getting sad. Embrace this part of the year and get ready for it by adding some beautiful seasonal highlights to your house.

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