Apple Siri now speaking in Hindi

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Apple Siri now speaking in Hindi

  • 2012-04-15 10:18:00
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News / Smartphones Apple Siri now speaking in Hindi
Apple has announced the Apple iPhone 4S last year and with this announcement Apple has also announced the application named Siri, the personal assistant for iPhone 4S users with the device with the initial support of English language. But later on as the iPhone 4S reached far away shores Apple released Siri in the Japanese language and has confirmed that it will go on to arrive in Italian, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish late in 2012. However, now Siri can talk in Hindi.

Users of iPhone 4S will be able to make Siri talk in Hindi thanks to iOS developer Kunal Kaul. He says that the Siri over his mobile connects to his Google API server (which is a little confusing, may be for translation) and then returns the results. He has also posted a short video on how Siri responds in the Indian language on YouTube.

Currently, Siri supports four languages namely, English, German, French and Japanese. Hindi has made it though it was not in the list of regional languages to be supported. If all the native languages of India make their way to this voice assistant, it will be amazing.
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