Apple rejects app for tracking U.S.

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Apple rejects app for tracking U.S.

  • 2012-09-02 04:35:06
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News / Smartphones Apple rejects app for tracking U.S.
Last day , Apple Incorporation has rejected a iPhone application designed to keep track of fatalities caused due to the U.S. drone strikes for its "sensitive " content.

For the approval of Drones+, an app which allow user to sends text messages to iPhones whenever that the media reports casualties resulting from a drone strike and shows users the locations of drone strikes on a Google map. according to Josh Begley, the app's creator Apple has rejected the app three times , the most recent of which cited App Store guidelines that prohibit "objectionable" content,

Before that , An app submitted in 2009 by Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Mark Fiore featuring a collection of his cartoons was rejected because of its ridiculed public figures and at 2010, the former Apple CEO Steve Jobs corrected that the app's rejection a "mistake," and announced that the app was soon made available for purchase at the App Store
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