Apple earns patent for GoPro-like camera system

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Apple earns patent for GoPro-like camera system

  • 2015-02-13 12:09:25
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News / Mobile phones Apple earns patent for GoPro-like camera system

Apple patents very rarely actually detail a system that’s coming down the pipe soon, or even “somewhat soon,” but they’re certainly a good way to see the ideas that Apple is at least toying around with.

On Tuesday, as detailed by Patently Apple, the Cupertino-based company earned a patent for what is being described as a “superior GoPro-like camera system.” The system that is detailed is from a patent that was initially filed way back in 2012, in fact, but seems to incorporate intellectual property that Apple netted from Kodak in late 2013. As revealed by the patent application, Apple’s camera system is one that could very well attach itself to other devices, much in the same way that the GoPro system works.

In fact, the patent application actually points out “weaknesses” in the GoPro system, and outlines how it could fill those gaps.

Perhaps one of the more interesting elements of the patent application could be that Apple is, at least in general, considering waterproofing its iPhone lineup, as it stipulates that an iPhone could be taken underwater and used to snap some photos or record video. The alternative here is that this camera system would utilize a giant case that would envelope the entirety of the phone. Much like a GoPro system, this patent application outlines how it could be attached to helmets, or even the handlebars on a bike.

As mentioned above, the patents that Apple files for, and later achieves (or doesn’t) isn’t explicitly an outline of what Apple is planning on working on, but simply a look into what type of ideas the company is at least toying around with. A GoPro-like camera system would certainly be an interesting accessory sold in Apple stores, that’s for sure.

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What’s more, as reported by Business Insider, the fact that GoPro shares tanked by upwards of 12% following the reports of Apple’s granted patent application seem detached from reality. If this patent application does actually result in the product being created, and released in a few months (or even in the next year for that matter), it would be completely unorthodox. (Though, it would be a nice change of pace.)

The full patent application is available through the source link below. What do you think of Apple’s GoPro-like camera system idea?

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