Analyst envisions the steepest iPad decline ever in 2015

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Analyst envisions the steepest iPad decline ever in 2015

  • 2015-02-13 14:34:13
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News / Mobile phones Analyst envisions the steepest iPad decline ever in 2015

The iPad reignited the tablet market in a big way, but that was years ago, and customers have found that they don’t need to replace a tablet as often as they might a smartphone.

As a result of people keeping the tablets they buy a bit longer, the iPad has seen some recent downward trending in sales and shipments, with analysts continuously predicting major losses for the tablet market as a whole. Indeed, a recent note from KGI analysts released today expects that Apple, on its own, will see the biggest decline in iPad history in 2015.

According to the report, that drop will be around 30 percent year-over-year, which means that the analysts believe Apple will sell between 40 and 45 million iPads around the year.

That declination in iPad sales has already begun, though, as KGI suggests that with the first and second quarters of this year shipments will drop by more than 50 percent:

iPad shipments to plunge over 50% QoQ in 1Q15F & 2Q15F outlook dim; bodes ill for sales & earnings of suppliers through 1H15F. We forecast iPad shipments will decline 52.7% QoQ in 1Q15 to 10.1mn units, and continue to lose momentum in 2Q15F, dropping another 30-40% QoQ to 7-8mn units. 1H15F shipments around 18mn units, down 40% YoY; 2015F to struggle to top 45mn units, down 30% YoY. We forecast iPad shipments of 18mn units in 1H15… Based on seasonal patterns (shipments rise 10-20% HoH in 2H), we project full-year shipments will struggle to top 45mn units, likely marking a 30% decline.

KGI also highlights an oft-rumored iPad model, the iPad Pro, and suggests that while it may do quite a bit to better the overall user experience on Apple’s iPad, it won’t do much to bolster the shipping/sales expectations.

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