After the Rigid activation policy in place, Make Huge dip in new activations

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After the Rigid activation policy in place, Make Huge dip in new activations

  • 2012-11-26 17:32:50
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TipsTricks / Telecom        After the Rigid activation policy in place, Make  Huge dip in new activations
The New acquisition policy which was came in place on 9th of Nov is very rigid in nature , though it is considered as much better for our nations security and also avoids fraudulent acquisitions to a large extent. Due to this, Now all operator acquisitions are reduced to more than 70% compared to an average of last six months of their acquisitions. Though the Policy is in place and large operators are still working hard to streamline the process of acquisitions to avoid the necessary possible delay in acquisitions. In urban areas connections are getting activated in 3 working days and in rural it is 7 days on an average. But still there are some cases not activated even after 10 days of submission of documents to retail partners.

As per the revised rules , to take a new connection the customers has to approach retail dealer and should submit all the relevant documents such as authenticated Id Proof ,photographs etc and . After the verification of such documents, retailer will issue sim card of his/her choice but connection will not get activated at that time. As per the process retailer has to send SMS in a specific format mentioning the details of the new connection. After getting the SMS a representator boy from the nearest distributor point will come and collect the verified and sealed document by retailer.

After this all, the distributor will check, verify, and seal the documents which are submitted by Retailer .and also Post that a company representative will come and collect the documents and enter the details to an online portal. On successful completion of this, the customer has to dial to a specific number and furnish the name and address details as he mentioned in the documents at the same time of purchase.

This is done to ensure the same document owner is using the connection. If Post successful completion of address verification the connection will be activated from the backend. If the customers are at outstation , the process is became a little more complicated that he has to submit one local contact details along with his address proofs. His connection will get activated only after verifying both local contact and his own connection.

On the other side the new process will improve the quality of acquisition. Earlier customer used to purchase new connection only for initial talk time and after consuming that they through off the connection. These lead many operators to number constrain and lack of new numbers.
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